Stomach Earth Tourism in Goa & Goa Jomblang Grubug Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

To mejelajahi down the bowels of the earth with a vertical cave like Goa and Goa Grubug Jomblang do require special requirements. For the layman, in addition to dare to be getting courses on the SRT. Of course this adventure must be accompanied by someone who is experienced.

Jomblang Goa and Goa Grubug located in the district of Gunung Kidul Semanu. Gunung Kidul known to have hundreds of caves that can be explored. South Mountain itself, especially in the southern part of the area is also known as minus water, as water or river are mostly located deep in the ground. In Goa Grubug there are also underground river where the water is quite heavy.

Jomblang Goa has a very wide mouth of the cave. There is an interesting thing, even in arid regions, but at the base there is a small forest Jomblang Goa is quite dense. This place is a vertical drop-off point for a journey through the hallway and then proceed towards Goa goa Jomblang Grubug.

Grubug Goa is a vertical cave that has a narrow mouth of the cave (small) but it has a very large cave cavity. Underground river in the cave has a large water discharge. Natural beauty of this cave occur at any hour of 12 noon. Daylight into the mouth of the cave and form a pillar of the incoming light is perpendicular to the cave.

Adventures in caves usually begins with Goa Jomblang down because of its location more easily, but many are challenged to down Grubug Cave. They were down a deep cave is more than 50 meters with a rope which is twisted body menggntung physics.

Grubug & Goa Goa Jomblang
Semanu, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta


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